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Sentry Safe Data ChestQuick ibuprofen 600mg pills $288.00, show of hands: how many of you backup your data? Ok, about 15% of you. Now: how many of you keep that backup off-site or a in a secure place? That's what I thought. Ibuprofen 600mg pills $288.00 see, the problem with backups is that the few of you who actually take advantage of them usually do so as an insurance [ibuprofen 600mg pills $288.00] plan against hardware ibuprofen 600mg pills $288.00 failure. If your drive bites the dust, no big deal, you'll just swap it for the other one that has your backup. But what if your house burns down? Or gets flooded? Chances are the source and the backup are now hosed. Which is where comes into play. This pint-size vault can safely hold about 60 DVDs and can withstand a half-hour of exposure to fire, not to mention any reasonable amount of water. But this isn't your grandpa's lockbox: it features a USB port on the inside and outside, meaning you can keep a small hard drive in there at all times and always be protected from the elements. Or any other bus-powered UBS device for that matter, although you may find your iPhone's functionality reduced when its locked in a box all the time. , a couple bucks off list price and the cheapest on the Web.

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