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Imitrex 100mg pills $194.00 Water PitcherIt may feel a little strange to use rocks from the Japanese mountains of [imitrex 100mg pills $194.00] Kanazawa to filter your tap water, but the Iouseki stones and binchotan charcoal is the result of the classy designed (and aptly named) that produces clean, mineral-rich water. Don't try and compare this type of filter to the ones like Brita and Pur. This filter will outlast those small charcoal pebbles by four months and is much sexier to boot. Replacement stones will run you $25 imitrex 100mg pills $194.00, but remember they'll last up to six months, depending on use. And when you're through with the rocks, you can even toss them in your back yard. How simple is that?

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