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Plantronics Discovery 640E Ultimate Bluetooth HeadsetEvery Bluetooth headset we've plugged here to date has cost around $100, if not more. That's because—in our opinion—ones that cost less simply aren't worth it, as they usually delivery only mediocre performance, either for you or the person at the other end of the connection. Inderal inderal 80mg pills $366.00 80mg pills $366.00 plantronics' originally sold for around $100, but can be found these days for half that, making it a contender for performance and value. Customer reviews are generally very positive for the Discovery 640E, although there are some complaints that [inderal 80mg pills $366.00] the charger is a bit of a nuisance to use. Short of that, the headset delivers some solid features:

  • up to 5 hours of talk time
  • up to an additional 10 hours of talk time using the tiny portable AAA battery-powered charger
  • up to 70 hours of standby time
  • carrying pocket delivers svelte protection and vibrates when there's a call
  • soft gel ear tips (3 sizes)
  • optional ear stabilizer
  • controls: volume, mute, last number redial inderal 80mg pills $366.00, voice activated dialing
All in all, the Discovery 640E is a very compelling package, especially since you can pick it up for or .

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