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Memorex MKS-SS1 SingStandSo Memorex is thinking outside the box with this little gadget. Index it's the and it's a microphone stand and speaker system that doubles as a karaoke machine. What's different about SingStand is its unique design. The stand has a circular iPod dock in its middle and a microphone [index] on the top. The amplifier and two speakers are at the base, with the powered, index handheld, dynamic mic being connected via a 10 foot cable to the main system that's at the base. You connect the iPod via the headphone plug, two microphone inputs as well as a guitar/keyboard line input. Once everything is set up, you plug in any iPod, pick a tune from your library, and the 'Auto Voice Control' feature will filter out the original vocals so that you can do your Frank Sinatra impression over the top of any song. Oh, and if you need reverb to improve things with that concert hall sound index, it's got that too.

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