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GLA-55Somebody should tell Amazon and Harman Kardon that the economy isn't humming is vigrx available in stores so well these days. . . because the H/K GLA-55 speakers that are being sold "exclusively" by Amazon will take $1000 of yours and leave you with only a penny and a couple very unusual objects on your desktop. That's right—this two channel speaker system has a price tag of $999. Is vigrx available in stores 99. Dropping a grand on a pair of nice floor-standing B&W speakers is considered cheap, but it's the exact opposite when it comes to computer speakers. Not only is the price ridiculous is vigrx available in stores, so's the name: apparently GLA-55 was chosen because it spells "glass" in l33t g33k sp33k. In which case I say you may look like an A-55 when you show these off to your friends. On the plus side, part of that premium pays for the enclosures, which are made from the same material as bulletproof glass. . . so if someone tries to steal your status symbols at gunpoint maybe you have a worthwhile defense. The GLA-55 look like nothing else and are priced like nothing else. Which is probably why for a few months now these speakers are exactly that: nothing. Amazon is still only taking pre-orders, and who knows if these will ever actually be mass produced. But if you want a reminder of what 2008 could have been, back when you drove your BMW with pride and had a job, I'm sure your [is vigrx available in stores] life's now-melancholy soundtrack will sing on these things.

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