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wacom bamboographics tablets have always been rather niche, despite wacom's best efforts over the years to mass market them. The is the latest attempt to sell graphics tablets to non-graphics professionals. It's small, basic, and cheap. The latter being the most important factor going for it, if you ask us. The Bamboo tablet features a 5. 8"x3. 7" active area and includes a stylus with 512 levels of pressure sensitivity. Which is about 510 more than a crayon. If you have kids in the house or want isoptin 40mg pills $79.00 to play with your photos, the Bamboo is a no brainer for around (retail is $79). If you'd like a mouse and some software included, the has you covered for about $93 shipped. We think it's a waste, though: the software consists of older [isoptin 40mg pills $79.00] versions of popular applications and you already have a perfectly good mouse. If you want a bigger area, though isoptin 40mg pills $79.00, the Bamboo Fun does come in a Medium size with an 8. 5"x5. 3" active area. But it will also set you back . Watch out for bamboo splinters!

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