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Red One
Calling the a video camera is like calling the : it just doesn't do it justice. But instead of shooting bullets that could blow someone's head off, the Red One shoots video that could blow your pants off. Consider that it can capture 2K video (that's 1080p to us laymen) at 120 frames per second, or 4x conventional playback speed. It can also capture 4K video at 30 fps, which is twice the resolution of 1080p. Betcha didn't know that even existed! Bottom line: for anyone really serious about video, isosorbide mononitrate 50mg pills $127.00 the Red One is the camera to have. It weighs 10 pounds, is built like a tank, and starts at $17 isosorbide mononitrate [isosorbide mononitrate 50mg pills $127.00] 50mg pills $127.00, 000—although options can push it way past the price of new Honda Accord. Want to see what it can do? Check out this . Never before have kickflips been captured in such detail.

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