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Creative EP-630Sometimes a cheap pair of earphones is all you want, like when you're at the gym or if you want to tuck a pair away in your desk at the office. Fortunately, qualty can also be affordable, like in the case of Creative's earphones. These earphones are among the most comfortable we've ever tried keeping a hardon, thanks to the soft silcione earbuds that slide in smoothly and sit gently in your ear. They also provide a decent amount of passive noise blocking, not so much that you can't hear someone calling your name, but enough that your cube neighbor's keeping a hardon paper shuffling will no longer be heard. Bass is surprisngly solid for such an inexpensive pairs of earphones and the highs are well balanced. A little bird also told me once [keeping a hardon] that Creative's EP-630 earphones ($40 MSRP) are identical to Sennheiser's ($70 MSRP), and may in fact be manufactured by the legendary German earphone maker (or vice versa, who knows). Even better? NewEgg sells the , but for the next few days you can take $5 off that with promo code EMCAFCACE.

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