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BlacX SEThe influx of Asian goods to American shores carries with it two distinct benefits: cheap prices and amusing company tag lines. In contention for top honors here is Thermaltake, a company whose nonsenical name is only exceeded by its even more nonsenical moniker: COOLall YOUR LIFE. Hmm, ok. To be fair, the Taiwan-basd company does make things like CPU fans and liquid cooling systems, but we're not interested in that sort of stuff (mostly because we prefer Macs). We do, however, dig Thermaltake's (at least they're consistant with the weird names) hard drive docking station. The docking station, which is available on the cheap for $49. 99 (update 5/29/2008: NewEgg is currently [levitra 40mg pills 360 pills $566.00] selling this for $39. 99), lets you bang both 2. 5-inch and 3. 5-inch SATA hard drives into your system the way you used to pop Super Nintendo cartridges in, making it the quickest and easiest way to swap hard drives in and out. Alas, the USB 2. 0 connection promises poky transfer speeds, but the BlacX SE distracts you nicely from this with its built-in levitra 40mg pills 360 pills $566.00 4-port USB hub. Levitra 40mg pills 360 pills $566.00 don't need the hub? ditch it for the regular , which costs $10 less. Those looking for a faster connection will need to wait for the version with connectors levitra 40mg pills 360 pills $566.00, which is on display at Thermaltake's Web site but isn't for sale yet. (Pssst. . . need a hard drive for your new dock? Check out the . )

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