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Kensington SlimBlade Trackball MouseRemember how cool scroll wheels were when they started popping up on mice about 10 years ago? Suddenly, you didn't need to point the cursor at little arrows to navigate up and down. A few years ago, Apple asked the question "Why only up-and-down?" They answered with the Mighty Mouse, which replaced the scroll wheel with a tiny ball that could roll in any direction. We loved the idea but liked the mouse less so, primarily due to its mostly uncomfortable shape. Kensington's SlimBlade Trackball Mouse takes the scroll wheel idea to the next level, replacing it with a free moving scroll ball like the Mighty Mouse, but adding the option of using the scroll ball like a trackball, so when your hands get tired of moving the cursor around, they can dump that duty on your fingertips. It's also handy lisinopril 10mg pills $126.00 when you're right on desk space. The SlimBlade also packs two buttons, Bluetooth connectivity, and comes in [lisinopril 10mg pills $126.00] a sleek graphite finish. Unfortunately lisinopril 10mg pills $126.00, it doesn't look much more comfortable than Apple's Mighty Mouse. Its $99 suggested retail price is also higher than the Bluetooth Mighty Mouse (), although Amazon is currently offering the SlimBlade for after $15 mail-in (expires today). Still, we have to give Kensington some props for a clever idea.

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