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Remember all those "pocket protector" nerd jokes from the '80s? Get ready for the next wave: the pocket projector. Equally useful, 3M's new MPro110 is one of the first useful projectors you can fit in the palm of your hand. Resolution is a paltry 640x480 VGA and its usefulness is questionable in a brightly lit room, but laptop owners on the go will surely enjoy lopid 300mg [lopid 300mg pills $208.00] pills $208.00 being able to leverage a much bigger display when they're on the road and really need it. The only information on 3M's site comes courtesy of its German division, which calls the projector a lopid 300mg pills $208.00, not to be confused with BMW's . But according to , the MPro110 will go on sale at the end of September for $359. Lopid 300mg pills $208.00 don't forget about we told you about back in march.

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