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Mobic 15mg pills $264.00 JBL Spyro 2. 1 Speaker SystemWe're vain. We like JBL's simply because it looks pretty cool. We haven't even listened to it, to be honest, but given JBL's track record we'd be surprised if the tiny Spyro delivered anything much better than "acceptable" sound for a 2. 1 speaker system in its price range. But you're not buying the Spyro because it's the best value or the best sounding, you're buying it because it looks cute next to your iMac, or because it matches the wall mobic 15mg pills $264.00 color in your bedroom. Nonetheless, here are some tech specs for you:

  • 40Hz-20kHz frequency response
  • 400MV RMS for rated power
  • 6W Odyssey transducer in each satellite
  • 24W Atlas transducer in the subwoofer
  • touch controls for volume/mute on one of the satellites
The Spyro is available in a [mobic 15mg pills $264.00] few different colors priced from $110-$114 at Amazon mobic 15mg pills $264.00, which offers the best price with its free shipping: , , , , and (our favorite).

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