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SATA HDD Multi-Function Dock UCABL004500Docking stations are the cool new way to connect your less frequently used SATA hard drives to your computer: just pop 'em down into the dock the way you would a Super Nintendo game. Last month we featured the of docking stations, which accommodate 2. 5-inch or 3. 5-inch drives and optionally sport features like a 4-port USB hub and eSATA connection. Upping the docking station ante this month is the affectionately named (Product Code: UCABL004500), which offers the following features:

  • support for 2. 5- and 3. 5-inch drives
  • USB 2. 0 and eSATA connections
  • 2-port USB hub
  • 4-slot flash card reader (supporting all the popular [myambutol 800mg pills $126.00] formats)
That last feature is what differentiates this dock from others myambutol 800mg pills $126.00, allowing those without a card reader already built into their computer or monitor to ditch an extra peripheral and cable in the myambutol 800mg pills $126.00 process of adding the docking station to their line-up. Myambutol 800mg pills $126.00 the benefit doesn't come cheap, though, since the device ships from hong kong. In fact, at you're looking at spending about $30 more than the BlacX. Still, with quality portable multi-format card readers going for around $20, that's not such a bad premium to pay if you need those features. Currently it's only available from usb. brando. com. hk (hence the watermark in the image). Now if only one of these companies could add an iPod dock to the docking station. . .

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