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Every true geek needs a way to power his or her gadgets in their car, but why buy something that is just a power inverter, when that geek neem 60 tablet bottle $245.00 could own a power inverter with three AC outlets, a DC outlet, radio neem 60 tablet bottle $245.00, a light, an emergency power source that can also be used to jump start your car? The Duracell DPP-600HD is totally the thing you need in your trunk, or, if you're like me, you need it plugged into your cigarette lighter to power your laptop and portable DVD players for the kids when you're on a long road trip. It will also come in very handy if you make a quick trip up into the mountains, get lost, and get buried by an avalanche, and need a power supply for a few days while they send the rescue helicopters out to look for you. Remember, the bottom of a MacBook Pro can get pretty hot if you use it a lot. [neem 60 tablet bottle $245.00] With this baby all you need is your MacBook and a copy of Photoshop and some wicked PS Actions to heat you up when you get cold. . . and the radio will keep your mind off the ice forming on the insides of the windows, I'm sure. Price:

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