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ThinkGeek Book VaultTruth be told prandin 2mg pills $190.00, turning a book into a discrete hiding place is one of the oldest and easiest do-it-yourself projects out there, since all you need is an eligible book, a knife, and a bit of time. But that's a crude solution. Instead, point your credit card at and pick up their new Book Vault, a more commercial professional prandin 2mg pills $190.00 version of the age old trick. Two hardcover books are glued together, hollowed out, and fitted with a plastic storage cavity that measures 6. 5"x4"x3". The only downside (apart from the $34. 99 price tag) is that the two hardcover books will be randomly selected, which could foil the idea of discretion. After all, a couple hardcover Jane Austin novels will stand out more next to and on your bookshelf than leaving your iPhone on a neon piece of paper on your coffee table. Prandin 2mg pills $190.00 pick one up now at [prandin 2mg pills $190.00] (search for "book vault").

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