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got an iphone? (and an ipod touch, ipod classic, ipod nano 3rd generation, ipod with video, zune, or sansa e200 (why would you own either of those last two?)) if you do, then might just be what you're looking for, if you like to go places and want or need to take some speakers with you to listen to your tunes or movies without using a pair of earphones. The removable, rotating stand holds the iPhone upright or horizontally for the ideal portable movie-viewing experience The speakers are powered by four AAA batteries propecia 1mg pills (brand) 84 $243.00, or an included AC adapter, so you can pretty much carry these babies anywhere, and the sound that comes out of them sounds like its coming from an extra-wide stage thanks to [propecia 1mg pills (brand) 84 $243.00] the engineering DLO put into them. The bass vents built into the speakers also provide for surprisingly deep base for such a compact and portable iPhone speaker system. And these speakers won't give you any of that ugly mobile phone interference you hear when you place your iPhone close to an older speaker system because they were designed with the iPhone in mind and digital interference free amplifier. Probably the coolest feature of these speakers is how portable they are. When you're done using them, just pack the base and cables inside the speakers and roll them up into a nice little six inch propecia 1mg pills (brand) 84 $243.00 diameter ball for easy packing:

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