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Big KahunaIf I had to pick only one great thing about Crocodile Dundee, it would be that scene where our hero has a switchblade pulled on him and says "That's not a knife. Purchase sildenafil citrate . . [purchase sildenafil citrate] That's is a knife!" as he brandishes his Bowie knife. Twenty-two years ago purchase sildenafil citrate LED flashlights were unheard of, but had they been you can rest assured Dundee would be toting The Big Kahuna. Three D-cell batteries power 95 LED bulbs, practically giving you a mini sun in your hand (minus the heat, since LEDs don't really make any). Reviews are overwhelmingly positive for The Big Kahuna, so your will be well spent, even if its aluminum construction isn't quite up to the bomb-proof standards of Maglites. If 95 LEDs sounds like overkill to you purchase sildenafil citrate, go for the for $11. 99 + shipping (uses 3 AAA batteries), or the most modest (but still extremely bright) for a mere $3. 95 + shipping.

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