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aliph jawbonethe original jawbone headset captured headlines with its "military-grade" active noise canceling technology. Less than two years later, Aliph [sildenafil citrate 50mg] has updated the Jawbone with a smaller, sleeker version. The weighs in about 50 percent smaller before, and also looks like it's more comfortable than its predecessor with its leather wrapped ear loop. A new slim loop also lets the sildenafil citrate 50mg Jawbone work better with glasses on. Functionally, it's pretty similar to before:

  • weighs 10 grams
  • up to 4 hours of talk time
  • up to 8 days standby time
  • charges to 80% in 35 minutes (100% in under an hour)
  • new magnetic charging cable
  • 3 ear-loop sizes for each ear
  • black, silver, or rose gold colors
  • MSRP $129. 99
Currently, the new Jawbone is available exclusively from for full price sildenafil citrate 50mg, but expect prices to drop in the future as more resellers get it (we'll keep you posted). Or pick up a first-gen Jawbone (which also sold for $129. 99 originally) for just or from Amazon. update:The New Jawbone 2 is now available from Amazon. com for between $115 and $130 (depending on when you buy it).

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