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Canon PowerShot G9The is the newest high-end point-and-shoot from Canon with the same styling nod to the 35mm film cameras of days gone by as its predecessor, the G7. The G9 packs some of the same features as the G7 while improving on others, including:

  • image stabilized optics
  • an impressive 6x optical zoom (and 4x digital zoom)
  • Digic III processor
  • 3-inch true color LCD
  • RAW format option (like more expensive DSLRs)
  • 3200 max ISO
  • 12. 1-megapixel CCD
What makes the G9 more special than your regular crazy-high-megapixel camera is that it boasts all the same manual adjustments and features of an SLR, so you won't have to sacrifice any shooting options if you don't feel like lugging your brand new Canon with you everywhere you go. [sildenafil citrate omnigen] The G9 is significantly bigger than its new cousin, the diminutive sildenafil citrate omnigen, but is still a good back-pocket size and well worth the sildenafil citrate omnigen extra dimensions for packing DSLR-like capabilities in a little point-and-shoot. And fear not, the G9 is priced like a quality point-and-shoot should be: , meaning it will take just enough money out of your back pocket to make room for itself to fit in there.

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