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moshi calls themselves a "purveyor of electronics fashion" and i can't agree more. They've come out with some stylish sildenafil citrate warnings accessories over the years - the , and the for the MacBook - to name just a few. Now comes the , a stylish, [sildenafil citrate warnings] wedge-shaped silver hub that sits underneath the base of an iMac or a Cinema Display and provides four USB 2. 0 ports and two FireWire 400 ports. But what makes it unique is that you can connect it to one USB and one FireWire port on your Mac and then use the combined power of those ports to provide enough juice for things like an external hard drive or display without needing an external AC adapter. Neat, huh? One nice perk: Moshi includes a FireWire 400 cable. a FireWire 800-to-400 cable sildenafil citrate warnings, and a USB cable with the iLynx.

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