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Ducati Superbike 848
Let's face it: Fuel efficiency is inversely proportional to how cool a car looks. That's why the truly stylish and eco-conscious ditch a couple wheels and spring for a motorcycle instead, like . The 848 is built on the same platform as Ducati's mind-blowing 1098, but with a less racetrack-worthy motor suprax 200mg pills $189.00, which would only improve the odds of killing yourself on your daily commute, anyway. Not that the 848 is any less insane suprax 200mg pills $189.00 of a ride: with 134 horsepower, the 369 pound bike will smoke almost any car out there and sports a better power-to-weight ratio than Ducati's legendary (and now retired) 999. It's also got some sweet Italian styling cues, including a single-sided rear swing-arm to show [suprax 200mg pills $189.00] off its gorgeous wheel, high-mount exhaust, and tastefully executed projection headlamps. Suprax 200mg pills $189.00 alas, the 848 also carries that requisite premium anything italian and exotic does: a $13, 495 price tag.

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