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Leica PinmasterIt's been hailed as the top of the line golfing rangefinder that can actually and dramatically help shave points of your golf game. The uses a laser to calculate distances on the golf course up to 820 yards. While some might think tamoxifen 10mg pills $62.00 such a device would slow down and hinder your game, it really doesn't. You don't stand on the course fumbling to get it to work. See the pin or other target (such [tamoxifen 10mg pills $62.00] as the front of the green), lock on, hit a button and you've got the distance through the viewfinder - often more accurate than the posted numbers on the course. You can also hold the button down and scan around to get distances of bunkers and anything you point it at instantly. It offers a 7x magnification and a large field of view of 347 feet at a distance of 1, 000 yards. The eye-piece features a dioptre adjustment tamoxifen 10mg pills $62.00, which enables the user to select the best setting for their eyesight, and is suitable for people who wear glasses. The LED display also automatically adjusts its brightness to suit the ambient lighting conditions of the day. This is a dream product that does what it promises. Slightly expensive, it's for the real addicted golfer.

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