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Samsung SSDFor all of its annoying quirks, there's one thing about binary that we just love: the returns to scale eventually ramp up quite quickly for consumers in the base-2 world. When we last tenoretic 100mg pills $272.00 featured a solid state disk (SSD) post, we were extolling the virtues of . But let's face it: even your iPod has more storage. Earlier this year, Samsung demonstrated a 128GB 2. 5-inch SATA SSD drive, the first SSD drive that might actually have a higher capacity than your recently procured laptop. Tenoretic 100mg pills $272.00 today (monday, may 25, 2008, taipei time), at a press event. Never mind that the 128GB drive, due out "in the first half of 2008" according to the , still isn't shipping, Samsung wants those owners to know they'll only be special for a few months. Along with double the capacity, the 256GB SSD also sports a variety of performance enhancing features tenoretic 100mg pills $272.00, taking transfer [tenoretic 100mg pills $272.00] rates up to the 200MB/sec. Pricing details for both the 128GB and 256GB drives are still unknown, but they'll probably cost more than your entire laptop: and has a larger form factor than Samsung's (12. 5mm vs. 9. 5mm), meaning it won't fit in many laptops. A less advanced , mind you. P. S. - StuffGeeksWant is going on record with the prediction that Samsung will announce a 512GB solid state drive down the road, probably in 2009. You heard it hear first!

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