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Tentex royal 10 tablet box $380.00 iHome iH70SRC SpeakersThe more ubiquitous iPods and iPhones become, the more ubiquitous iPod docks should become, too, that way tentex royal 10 tablet box $380.00 you'll never be too far away from a full charge. And you won't have to hassle with USB cables to connect your iPod to your computer. iHome's new computer speakers have two channels (meaning there's no subwoofer), feature a built-in dock, and come with a remote control for adjusting the volume and your iPod from a distance. While the speakers have a USB connection, it's strictly for the dock: audio is still sent to the speakers the traditional analog way, with a regular audio cable. One amusing "feature" of these speakers is noted in all-caps in the manual: "IF YOU PLAY YOUR iPOD AND A COMPUTER AUDIO SOURCE AT THE SAME TIME YOU WILL HEAR BOTH. " This opens [tentex royal 10 tablet box $380.00] up interesting DJ opportunities, although do your roommates a favor and test your mixing skills when you're all alone. The biggest sticking point for the iH70SRC speakers tentex royal 10 tablet box $380.00, apart from the bland name, is the price: . For a two-channel speaker system that only puts out 15 watts per channel, this is getting into dangerously pricey territory, even with the built-in dock. You can forgo the remote control and pick up the (currently available for pre-order), but those only pump out 5W per channel. At least iHome is offering a ($19. 99 normally) with any purchase over $99.

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