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Topamax 25mg pills $62.00 ShareBuds are almost a product that answers a question no one is asking. . . almost. They're just two pairs of earphones fused together with a single mini-jack, so that two people can listen to the same audio source. Why would you want to get this when you can just buy a headphone splitter for a fraction of the cost and use your existing earphones with them? Because it means you only need to keep track of one piece of kit instead of three. topamax 25mg pills [topamax 25mg pills $62.00] $62.00 It also means if you just carry around a splitter and your own earphones that your pal won't be jam-less because they didn't bring theirs. But at the same time, it means when you want to rock out solo you have to tolerate the extra sonic doppelgangers. Buy for $39. 95 via Amazon (or with retractable cables as shown) topamax 25mg pills $62.00, plus about $5 shipping.

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