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I've owned a Logitech MX Revolution Laser Mouse for about a year now, and trust me, it's the best mouse ever made for anything but extreme gaming (and it probably works well for that too, I'm just not an extreme gamer anymore). The first thing you'll notice about this mouse is how well it fits in your hand. The ergonomics of the thing are pretty amazing. It comes with 11 totally customizable buttons that you can set to do just about anything you want them to vardenafil 10mg pills $182.00, though the standard settings are pretty good for most users. The scroll wheel with it's "smart shifting" and lighting fast scrolling make browsing long web pages or long Word documents a breeze. And the search button on [vardenafil 10mg pills $182.00] top makes it really easy to bring up a search dialog box on your Mac or Windows PC to find that document you're looking for without any work. Lastly, the fact that it's cordless, comes with a great looking vardenafil 10mg pills $182.00 charging base, and lasts days without recharging make it a pure joy to own and use. I've had other $100 wireless mice, and this one beats them all, hands down. Works well on a Mac or PC. You won't regret buying this mouse. Vardenafil 10mg pills $182.00 trust us on that. It's available at (standard retail anywhere else is $99. 99) or (which is a real steal while it lasts).

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