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Logitech Z-2300 Speakers
Our post yesterday about the GLA-55 speakers was more fun than useful. . . so to make up for that we present you with the : the set of 2-channel speakers you should actually want. When it comes to quality speakers in the sub-$150 price range, [vasotec 2.5mg pills $104.00] the Z-2300 cannot be beat. And with , the value proposition is huge. The speakers feature 200 watts of power, an 8-inch long-throw subwoofer for plenty of bass, and a SoundTouch wired remote control, for easily adjusting bass and volume (or easy access for plugging headphones in when desired). The speakers also feature "THX certification" but that's more marketing fodder than anything else, so we're not going to extoll that as a virtue. Instead, we'll reiterate that you won't find a better sounding set of speakers for the money. Vasotec 2.5mg pills $104.00 sure vasotec 2.5mg pills $104.00, might match your mac better and sound great, but they'll cost you $20 more and still don't quite match the z-2300 in vasotec 2.5mg pills $104.00 overall audio quality.

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