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Vigorex forte vigorex forte] jpg" alt="Samsung TL225" title="Samsung TL225" width="300" height="226" class="alignright size-full wp-image-712" />It's been part of a number of cell phones for years. . . a front-facing LCD display. Now, Samsung has added it to its , so self-portraits are a snap. You've got a 3. 5-inch display on the back and a 1. 5-inch screen on the front with a 12. 2 megapixel image sensor in its guts. Its lens has actual focal lengths of 4. 9 to 22. 5mm, and 35mm-equivalent focal lengths of 27mm to 124mm and includes optical image stabilization for when you're taking that shot of you and your girlfriend in a drunken stooper. It's got face detection capability and records standard or high definition movies with sound at 30 frames per second in H. 264 format vigorex forte, with a maximum resolution of 720p. It stores images on a vigorex forte MicroSD/MicroSDHC card format, or in 55MB of built-in memory. It hasn't got an optical viewfinder, but it almost negates having one with its "Smart Gesture" feature. Want to delete a pic? Trace an X on the 3. 5-inch display. Rotate it? Draw a circle. You'll start seeing features like this in other cameras soon.

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