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Hyperglide Mouse SkatesOne half of the [vipps pharmacy] StuffGeeksWant team recently moved from Virginia to Texas (now you vipps pharmacy know why there was that lull in posts!). Vipps pharmacy the move went smoothly, except that one of the feet on the bottom of a logitech mx1000 mouse (one of the best, albeit now-discontinued, mice of all time) decided to stay in virginia. But no worries: losing a mouse foot is the perfect excuse to splurge on a set of . Mouse Skates are crafted from 100% pure untextured teflon vipps pharmacy, improving the smoothness and consistency with which your mouse glides atop a surface. They're also 0. 5 to 0. 8mm thick, which Hyperglide says gives it an edge in durability compared to other aftermarket mouse feet. Because they're designed primarily with gamers in mind, Mouse Skates are only available for certain mice from Microsoft, Logitech, and Razer—although with a bit of cutting they could fit more mice, presumably. Pick up a set for around $10 plus shipping from (search for Hyperglide) or . They come 8 to a set, so enough for two mice (or two applications on the same mouse, if you wear the bejesus out of them).

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