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Zocor 40mg pills $180.00 The is the geek's ultimate "do it all" machine. The Mac OS X operating system is based on Unix, so any developer will be at home on this machine, and with or Apple's Boot Camp, any Windows User can run Microsoft Windows software natively too. It's a "do it all workhorse" that just happens to look like a million bucks. My MacBook Pro of choice is the 15" 2. 5GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 2GB of RAM zocor 40mg pills $180.00, a 200GB hard drive, Apple's DVD/CD burning SuperDrive, and a glossy screen. Other's opt for the larger 17" version, thought I can't seem to ever enjoy carrying that big of a laptop around with me. The aluminum case will make you think this machine was made by the Swiss, just because it's so clean [zocor 40mg pills $180.00] and crisp and well built. The backlit keyboard will help your geek work late into the night without the lights on (which I'm sure he or she zocor 40mg pills $180.00 will be prone to do). (If a MacBook Pro is too much money, check out the almost-as-slick after Amazon's exclusive $100 rebate. )

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