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Beer PagerLet's not under estimate the seriousness of losing a cold one. It's devastating. I personally have nightmares about it, waking up in a cold sweat. Some ingenious guy ought to win the Noble Pirze for this: The Beer Pager. It proudly belches and flashes colorful lights when you click the remote finder. . . as long as your beer is within 60 feet (if it's farther away than that buddy zyloprim 300mg pills $81.00, you don't deserve to find it anyway!). And as an added bonus, it keeps your beer nice and cool. Zyloprim 300mg pills zyloprim 300mg pills $81.00 $81.00 so don't be scared to go after that last slice of pizza or approach that hot chick over in the corner. Your beer will be [zyloprim 300mg pills $81.00] right here when you get back. Buy for $20 from Amazon

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