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Super Talent released a brand new series of USB drives last week -- , and these things are sweet. Pico Series USB drives are incredibly small and stylish flash drives offering up to 8GB data storage. Pico drives feature up to 30 MB/s (200X) transfer speeds. Measuring merely 1. 5"x0. 5" There are three varieties: The Pico A has a swivel/rotating zyprexa 15mg pills $148.00, water resistant cover; The Pico B has a retractable cover; and the Pico C is the smallest, coming without any cover (but it's still water resistant) for the drive - it measures 31. 3mm x 12. 4mm x 3. 4mm to be zyprexa 15mg pills $148.00 exact. [zyprexa 15mg pills $148.00] Tiny! The Pico Series drives come in 1GB - 8GB size ranges, and all weigh less than 6 grams. All of them are USB 2. 0 and USB 1. 1 compliant. eWiz has the right now, and the .

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